Human Rights Atlas on Al Jazeera

Human Rights Atlas on Al Jazeera

The Human Rights Atlas has featured on Al Jazeera English this week as part of a larger story about the current state of human rights in the world. This week saw the release of the Human Rights Risk Atlas from Maplecroft, a private human rights reporting and analysis company. Maplecroft were guests at a public event last year at the Thomson Reuters Building in Canary Whard for a larger discussion on mapping and monitoring human rights. The latest report from Maplecroft, as the story on Al Jazeera shows, sees a world of risk countries where human rights are under threat, but longer term trends in the improvement of human rights. These findings are consistent with the current state of research and analysis on certain sets of rights. The work of Dr Christopher Fariss at Penn State University, recently published in the American Political Science Review, shows that even if we take into account a rising global standard of accountability for human rights, long term trends in human rights protection are indeed improving. These and other developments, which use the kinds of data used in the Human Rights Atlas, formed part of a new TEDx talk on The Promise of Human Rights given by Professor Todd Landman, the key architect and principal investigator of the Human Rights Atlas.


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