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One of the most comprehensive pictures of human rights across the world is now available online. The Human Rights Atlas, originally created by the Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (IDCR) at the University of Essex and Mackman, brings together more than 200 different measures of economic, social, political, and legal life in 220 different countries across the world.

Using published data from the World Bank, the United Nations, academics, non-governmental organisations and the other bodies, the atlas gives a picture of the lives and rights of human beings over a 30-year period.

Our objective was to create a visually pleasing, interactive interface for the dissemination of global human rights data. It was key that the site allowed users to manipulate the data easily and in a number of ways. This ongoing project has seen significant investment from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in the United Kingdom, other strategic partners, and its newest partners Thompson Reuters Foundation and FLACSO (Latin American Facility of Social Sciences-Mexico).

The key personnel for this resource since its inception include:

Professor Todd Landman, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Government, Human Rights Centre, and the Michael Nicholson Centre for Conflict and Cooperation at the University of Essex. See his website HERE

Dr Andrew Fagan, Lecturer and Director, MA in the Theory and Practice of Human Rights, Human Rights Centre and School of Law at the University of Essex.

Dr Dorothea Farquhar, Data Officer, Business and Local Government Data Research Centre, Essex Business School, University of Essex.

Dr Karina Ansolahebere, FLACSO-Mexico.

Jonathan Crook, Managing Director, Cyberalpha.

Gwang E Choi, PhD Candidate, Department of Government, University of Essex.

Rebecca Cordell, PhD Candidate, Department of Government, University of Essex.

Emily Helms, PhD Candidate, Human Rights Centre and School of Law, University of Essex.

Larissa Kersten, PhD Candidate, Department of Government, University of Essex.

Luis Palerm Torres, PhD Candidate, Department of Government, University of Essex.

  • The Atlas is the only tool on the internet that allows me to analyse and interpret complex data sets relating to Human Rights in a smooth and intuitive way. The team behind the Atlas understand exactly what we need from this type of resource and I'm excited to see the new resource documents from this impressive group.  
    Political AnalystInternational Security Firm, UK